Friday, June 28, 2013

White Girl Egg Rolls

It's so funny how we end up naming some of the dishes we make. This recipe's name speaks for itself. I don't remember how it got its name but, all of my good friends beg for my white girl egg rolls. The kids love them because there are no veggies in them. I have snuck them in before though :) p.s. the picture isn't very pretty, but they taste good.


1- Egg roll wrappers- I buy the brand Nasoya and I buy them at Walmart (you can buy whatever you can find but, this brand is my favorite)
2- Two diced up chicken breast
3- 3-4 diced potatoes
4- this is tricky the sauce I use is whatever I have in my fridge. I just mix it all to flavor
    from teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, a little rice vinegar. Lately I have been using Panda Expresses mandarin sauce.
5- Pam cooking spray  


First, I fry the diced potatoes in vegetable oil and season them then once soften I add the diced chicken. Cook until they are both cooked. I drain any extra oil and add the sauces that you prefer. Let it boil about 5 minutes. I then scoop a spoonful on a Egg Roll wrapper and roll it up (like you are making a burrito). I then spray a cookie sheet with Pam place the egg rolls onto the cookie sheet and spray the top of the Egg Rolls with Pam, This is what makes them crispy so, don't be shy with the Pam. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or so or until they look crispy. Then dip into any asian sauce like a sweet and sour or our favorite is Mae Ploy it is sweet with a little kick. I have even wrapped them up in a lettuce leaf and dipped them in a raspberry dressing. If you have any extra Egg roll wrappers I cut them up into thin strips and fry them and sprinkle them with a little salt. They are also great to dip in the sweet and sour and Mae Ploy sauce.

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  1. Made your egg rolls for dinner tonight. They were a definite hit. I believe the exact quote was: You can make these anytime. (Terry)