Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cream Cheese with Jalapeno Jelly--Be Brave

   My husband belongs to a community orchestra.  Clarinet.  Two or three years ago when I was helping with one of their bake sales, someone provided samples of one of the items for sale:  Jalepeno Jelly.  They were serving the jelly with cream cheese and Ritz crackers.  Now that was one strange combination, and I wasn't about to get involved with that.  But after listening to oohs and aahs for several hours, I decided to give it a try.  Now that is one delicious combination of tastes.  So I ended up with several jars of jalapeno jelly.
   One night I took some to a taster's table at Relief Society.  No one would try it.  I assured them it was really good.  Finally, one brave soul loaded up a Ritz, and the rest is history.    Last month I decided to serve my DUP group something other than a dessert.  Yup.  The ole jalapeno thing.  Again, it took a few moments to get the thing off the ground, but by the time they left, I think I had about enough left for two crackers.
   You just gotta be brave.   (Terry)

1 C jalapeno jelly
8 oz. cream cheese
Ritz crackers
Unwrap the cream cheese and set on a serving dish for several hours so it will get to room temperature.  Stir jalapeno jelly a little to loosen up and spread over cream cheese.  Serve with Ritz crackers as dippers.

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