Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cabbage and Grape Salad--You Might Have To Sell One Of Your Children

Last night I taught a class on growing herbs at Relief Society.  To go along with the presentation, I served three dishes made with herbs.  One dish was an especially BIG hit:  Cabbage and Grape Salad.  It was a large salad, but I didn't go home with much in the line of leftovers--much to the dismay of my husband.  In fact today, as Wayne was finishing off the dab that was left, he told me I really ought to make some more.  Right away.  I must warn you, however, you might have to sell one of your children in order to fund your purchase of the pistachios.  They are pretty pricey right now.  But so worth it.  (Terry)

1 head green cabbage--shredded
2 C red grapes--halved
1 head red cabbage
2 C green grapes
1 C (8 oz pkg) pistachios
¼ C chopped fresh parsley (must be fresh)
2-4 green onions
Dressing:  Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix, prepared (2C) OR coleslaw dressing
NOTE:  I prefer the green cabbage with red grapes and ranch dressing
NOTE:  Last night I only used half a head of cabbage.  I chopped it instead of leaving it shredded.  I used more than 8 oz of pistachios, making sure I had a full cup of nuts.
NOTE:  Do not add the pistachios until you actually serve your salad as they will soften in the dressing
NOTE:  I got this recipe from my daughter, Jamie Turner.

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